Rickey McCoy

April 15
Rickey McCoy

Job: Associate Manager, Office 365 and Yammer Restaurant Information Systems (KFC and Pizza Hut Global)

When did you start with Pizza Hut? I joined Pizza Hut Global April 1, 2013

Where are you from? Born and raised in sunny Dallas, TX. However, I am an avid San Francisco 49ers fan.

Give us a fun fact about yourself? As a child, I would flip my bicycle upside down to lay on it’s handlebars to create my own Ferris wheel. I would attach little G.I. Joe men to the wheel’s spokes and spin it for hours to delight in constant fun. This is why I wanted to grow up and build roller coasters…until I found out the amount of math and science involved.

What is your favorite Pizza Hut menu offering? Large Hand Toss Meat Lover’s with Sliced Banana Peppers and Honey Sriracha drizzle.

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